The hunting field of the king from the eyes of Weaver - Shikargah Tale – Sandook Collective

The hunting field of the king from the eyes of Weaver - Shikargah Tales!

Shikargah, a labour intensive processs that is identified by its iconic hunting scenes depicting men , flora, fauna and animals. The average time required to conceptualise and weave a Shikargah sari can range anywhere between 320 - 550 weaving hours.

With zari vines, birds, animals, flora and fauna and scrolling jungle scenes, Shikargah is a unique, Banarasi handloom speciality. It is typically marked with scenes of hunters riding horseback or on elephants.

It is belived that Shikargah design has existed before the British Raj and has been considered unique and exlusive form of textile to own. 

The biggest challenge that the current production faces is availability of high skilled labour and fair wages that has resulted in more powerloom copies of the same being available in the market. We, at Sandook collective have deviced a fair wage pay plan that ensure continuous and sustainable source of income for our weavers. 

Owning a Shikargah is like owning a piece of art. With collective efforts, we hope our future generations get to experience the richness and beauty of this exquisite art form!